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Welcome to Iconic Landscapes 

This website is dedicated to my passion for landscape photography.  I've included several galleries of my work from the past four years.  I have also included some links to web sites that I regularly visit and photographers whose work I admire.  I hope you enjoy the site and, of course, your comments on how I can improve the site are always welcome.  You can contact me at mike@iconiclandscapes.com

Update 10/2007 - In August I took a trip with a large family group to Alaska.  It was my first trip to Alaska and as you might expect, I was overwhelmed by the size and scale of this wilderness.  The first stop on the trip was a bus tour of Denali National Park.  We managed to get great weather and had great views of the mountain and of the abundant wildlife in the park.  A long but scenic drive back to Anchorage was made more interesting by the lack of gas stations along the road.  After spending a night in Anchorage, we drove to the town of Homer where we spent the rest of the vacation.  On one day I took a bear viewing excursion to Kenai National Park and another day was spent on a day trip to Halibut Cove.  On the final day we took a day cruise out of Seward to see some of the most spectacular scenery in the fjord country.  The wildlife was everywhere on the cruise and views of glaciers were spectacular.   I invite you to take a look at my images from this trip which are now posted in the Gallery.

Update 11/2007 - In October I met up with my favorite workshop leader, Steve Kossack, and about 10 other workshop participants to explore Great Smoky National Park.  The fall color was great as were the participants.  Steve has a strong repeat business, so about 7 of the 10 were repeat customers, with 3 or so being new to the group.  If I'm counting correctly this is my sixth workshop with Steve, and we're looking forward to 2008.  I've posted my pictures from the trip.  As can be expected in fall we were held back a bit by changing weather conditions and did get rained on a couple of times.  Unfortunately our two trips to Clingman's Dome were both completely fogged in, so no shots from there on this trip.  Hope you enjoy these images, and as always, your comments and questions are always welcomed.


Mike Ruegg